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2015: Let The Love Begin!

While everyone is busy with their New Year’s resolutions, I’ve been busy making a few of my own. First on my list is to make sure the people in my life feel loved and appreciated, especially when it comes to making this crazy business a success. It hasn’t always been easy—especially in the beginning—but looking back, I would not change a thing. I respect what Simply Devine has taught me, and I am especially thankful for the people it has brought me. That being said, I hope you don’t mind if I take a moment to love on them a little. They deserve it.


My mom. Without my mom, there would be no Simply Devine. She dedicated two years of her life to helping me get this business off the ground. Thanks to her talent, artistry, foresight, love and support my dreams became a reality. I love you to the moon, mom.


My family. They watch me run around like a crazy woman at times and do all they can to support me. Thank you to my husband and my three boys for allowing me to be me. You guys inspire me all the time.


Katie. She is my everything. This woman is my right hand, my listening ears, my conscience and my devil’s advocate. In addition to keeping ME in line, she is also an extremely talented designer, stylist, florist and shop manager. She simply makes the world spin around here.


Carol. My full-time florist shares her talent, her dreams and her faith with the Simply Devine team and her wisdom keeps us grounded. She is a rock.


Nikki. Teacher by school year, wedding decorator by weekend and summer, Nikki is summer help at its best. When my busy season kicks into full gear, I can count on Nikki to be there—and so can you!


Carmen. Possibly the most amazing woman alive. Carmen is smart, funny, talented and she has an unstoppable can-do attitude. We went to school together for 13 years and graduated high school together. She is a teacher in Wolsey but is always up for lending me a hand. I appreciate her talents more than she knows!


Ashley. Making her mark on the world with a can-do and will-do attitude. Watching her grow in talent and experience has been such a blessing. Talent that blossoms every day, month and year. Thankful for her!


Vicki. The most loving, genuine and thoughtful woman. Her calm and reassuring demeanor and attitude grounds each one of us and allows us to believe in what we do and what we can accomplish. A truly beautiful heart and soul.


Emily. One of those people God just put in my path. Emily is a past bride that makes things happen for my business and I am so glad she is in my life.


Jecelyn. Beautiful inside and out and her positive attitude is contagious. Jecelyn is simply amazing and I am so glad she’s on my team.


Lara. This past bride is one hard worker. She makes things happen quickly and does not mess around when it comes to getting ‘er done. I love this woman.


The extras. You know who you are! All those extra part-time helpers, last-minute saviors and people who jump in whenever and however they can. Wow, where would I be without you?


I have to say, this list makes me smile! Of course, I cannot begin to tell my clients how very much I appreciate their trust and loyalty. Your referrals and positive reviews mean so much, so thank you thank you thank. Have a great 2015, and thanks for allowing me to get mine off to a great start.

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