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A short list of things that make us say no.

At Simply Devine, we go to outrageous lengths to make your wedding dreams come true. In fact, Katie and I might have a slight problem when it comes to the seemingly impossible. Tell us we can’t and we will knock ourselves out proving that we CAN.


Which has gotten us into all kinds of fun in this unpredictable business.


However, as much as we like to say yes to just about any challenge, there are a few things we must refuse. Even adrenaline-crazed “yes” people have their limits. Here goes:


*Ok, so it’s not exactly impossible, but we will say no to spray painting flowers weird colors not found in nature. If you want your gorgeous white lilies shellacked in gold, you will have to ask a florist who has no soul. It’s a matter of principle, and we’ve got Mother Nature’s back on this one.


*Your wedding will not happen come hell or high water. Seriously. If we are endanger of flooding, tornadoes, lightning strikes, earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes, alien invasions or the zombie apocalypse, we will at least postpone the ceremony until the danger has passed. No exceptions (especially on that zombie thing).


*We will not “step in” for the wedding officiant. We don’t care if he or she is late, lost or otherwise indisposed, we aren’t licensed to officiate your wedding. So it’s not really that we won’t…we can’t. And, well, we won’t.


*We will also say no to bartending, DJing, catering, videographing, photographing or cake baking. We have a big list of people who will happily say yes to those jobs. But we are not on that list. And frankly, you don’t want us to be.


*We refuse to overpromise. If you ask us for peonies in the middle of winter, we’re probably going to tell you no. Ask us for live pink flamingos and we’ll look into it…but we can’t promise anything. We also can’t promise sunshine, calm winds, quiet babies or sober ushers. We will pray really hard for those things, and we will do our very best to make your day amazing, but we can’t promise what we can’t control.


*We won’t do anything illegal or inappropriate. I’m not sure exactly what this includes, but if you saw it on The Hangover, we probably can’t help you.


Now that we’ve got that little list out of the way, the sky is pretty much the limit. The list of what we WILL do is far, far greater than the list of things we won’t do…so give us a shot. We love a good challenge and will do everything we can to make your dreams come true.


No matter how wild those dreams might be.

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