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Bring On The Groom.

While many of the grooms I encounter during the wedding planning process are just happy to be along for the ride, there are also those men who jump in with both feet. One of the most “engaged” grooms I’ve yet to work with got married this past May and I am still smiling over the fact that out of all the wedding planning companies in the world HE AND HIS BRIDE CHOSE SIMPLY DEVINE.


Thanks, Paul.


You see, as the Executive Director of the Huron Regional Medical Center Foundation, Paul Rann knows more about event planning than the average bear. The couple had done their homework, and came to us prepared. Above all else, Paul wanted his bride Nikki to have the perfect day of her dreams…on budget, without any worries or hassle.


If you know me at all, you know I love a challenge. I also love to show off my amazing staff and our ability to blow people out of the water. So, when Paul and Nikki agreed to work with us (out of all the other wedding planning companies in the world!), I was both flattered and ecstatic. And Paul?


“I had worked with Simply Devine before –just not on this scale of personal importance,” he said. “Rebecca’s reputation precedes her. We wanted a wedding in Sioux Falls and we knew she had the right connections and the professionalism and attention to detail we needed. She did not disappoint—as usual.”


And you see…THAT’s what makes my job worthwhile. I love to make people happy, especially when those people have huge expectations. I knew Paul would be a hands-on kind of groom, but I also knew he would truly appreciate the perfect wedding. And, well, we pretty much rocked it. Paul and Nikki had an absolutely gorgeous outdoor wedding and a stunning reception at the Icon Lounge.


“We did. Even the clouds parted and the sun came out right on cue before the ceremony,” remembers Paul. “The rest of the day was perfectly coordinated, and we did not have to worry about a thing. The whole day goes by so fast you don’t want to spend a minute taking care of little problems. Next to getting engaged, hiring Simply Devine was the best wedding decision we made.”


Coming from a guy like Paul, that really means a lot to us.


And for the rest of you grooms who are thinking of getting involved with the wedding plans, Paul says go for it. His best piece of advice is to sit down with your significant other and write out your top five wedding day priorities. Then, when you are having trouble with a decision, go back to that list.


“It’s a big day to celebrate for both of you, not just the bride,” he says. “If you share your thoughts upfront and talk things through, you won’t look back with any regrets. Ultimately, making sure Nikki had the best day of her life was my mission. I would say we accomplished that mission.”


Simply Devine is grateful for having shared May 14, 2016 with Paul and Nikki Rann and we’re always looking forward to our next happy couple! If you’re ready to set the date, we’d love to talk. You can email me at anytime!


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