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Every wedding should feel like a party.

So I’ve been to a few weddings.


And while no two weddings are ever alike (not on my watch!) I can tell you that every bride and groom I meet sincerely wants their guests to have a good time. In fact, most of you hope your day is an epic affair that will stand out from all the other weddings and be remembered forever. You want people to have a blast. You want them to go back home with awesome photos and funny stories. You want a big crowd that stays until the very end, possibly even being kicked out for staying too long.


You’ve come to the right place.


At Simply Devine, we can help you balance the seriousness of your commitment with the entertainment of your guests. While the day is ultimately about you, every good host considers their guests—even on their wedding day. Here are just a few of the things that will take your day from great to greater.


  1. Keep the ceremony as brief as you can. Yes, the day is about you…but no one wants to sit through a ceremony filled with too many songs and too many words. If you’re bored on the altar, they are probably falling asleep in the crowd.
  2. Make it interactive. Talk with your guests rather than to your guests as much as possible. Give them some fun details to read about in the program. Supply them with an interactive app. Be sure to greet each person and thank them for coming. Ask them to take photos and post them to your #instagramweddingpage. Pull them into the experience and make them a special part of your big day.
  3. Get the party started. Huge gaps between the wedding and the reception or extended periods of time waiting for the bride and/or groom to return from the bar/limo cruise/photo session are not fun for your guests. They came to celebrate with you!
  4. Music, music, music. The right music at the right time at the right volume is key. We always recommend a professional DJ or some type of live music at the reception. Music should be playing all night long, from the minute guests arrive until the last one is out the door. Make sure you mix up your play lists to include all the crowd pleasers and play a wide variety of songs.
  5. Keep the speeches short. We hate to sound like a broken record, but people would rather talk to each other rather than listen to too many long-winded (albeit well meaning) speeches.
  6. Now we’re going to cause some controversy here, but we’re only being honest. If you’re having a dance, consider skipping the dollar dances, the garter auctions and any other dance floor clearing ritual that requires people to stop dancing and start waiting. We’ve seen dollar dances last for 45 minutes…during which time half the crowd decides to go home.
  7. Offer options. Not everyone likes to dance. It’s always nice to offer an area where people can talk away from the dance floor. A separate lounging area is a nice touch. It’s also fun to provide games, such as cards, giant Jenga, beanbag toss, etc. as an option or even INSTEAD of a dance.
  8. What’s better than tasty food stations all night long? People seriously appreciate having some fun food options later in the night—think appetizers and mini foods, even bowls of chips and salsa are appreciated.
  9. Don’t disappear! You are the host and this is your party. Stay visible as much as possible. If you leave with plans to come back later, you might come back to an empty room.
  10. Enjoy yourself. A good mood is contagious. This should be the happiest day of your life—and that joy is ultimately what people will remember most.

If you want to hear more ways about making your day amazing, give us a call. We know how to help people have fun…and we always have fun doing it!


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