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Everything You Want Is Everything We Do

“What exactly do you do?”


If I had a dollar for every time I am asked that question! And I get it. After all these years of planning weddings and events, I’m still amazed by everything we do. The words “wedding planner” don’t really cut it.  On the other hand, “Wedding-scheduler-organizer-planner-detailer-designer-rental-consultant-decorator-advisor-crafter-florist-cleaner-upper” is way too long to fit on my shirt.


So what DO we do? Pick all of the services above (or just one of them) and we will do that for you. Mix them, match them, make up some new ones. If you want something we can’t do, we’ll find the right people who can.


And yes. I see the skeptical look in your eye. I hear the “but what if…” in your voice. You want to know EXACTLY what we do, in writing, with details. I’m Type A, too, and I hear you, girl. This is why I’m going to write a list. Just know that we can do more. We can do less. We can do whatever, however, whenever.


See why this is so hard?


The List of What We (Mostly) Do:

  • *We provide free consultations followed by free estimates at no obligation (really) and all communication is free. We have to talk to plan you know!
  • *We work with you in person, by phone, by Facetime, by email, by text or by carrier pigeon if necessary
  • *We encourage open communication by not charging you for it
  • *We help you build a schedule and a budget
  • *We keep you sane
  • *We work with your entire wedding party and all the parents
  • *We listen to your ideas and understand your visions
  • *We design your dream wedding within your budget
  • *We think out-of-the-box for you
  • *We source and secure locations and vendors
  • *We answer tough etiquette questions (yes on printed invitations, no on free-will donations)
  • *We help keep your groom and his boys in line
  • *We rent just about anything you need from our own massive warehouse
  • *We design bouquets from our own fresh and silk flowers
  • *We remind you not to forget stuff
  • *We craft like nobody’s business
  • *We create centerpieces that will blow your mind
  • *We take care of invitations, programs and signage
  • *We deal with little details and hard people
  • *We offer experienced advice (because we do this every. single. day.)
  • *We set things up
  • *We tear things down
  • *We lift heavy things and aren’t afraid to get dirty
  • *And finally, if something (God forbid) goes wrong, we have the resources, materials and connections to save the day.


If you’re still a little fuzzy about what we do, I can give you contact information for hundreds of couples who found out just how much we do and how far we go through their own Simply Devine experience. You can also scroll through by blog posts to get a better idea, or browse through my gallery.


Or better yet, just set up that free consultation. Tell us what you want and we will tell you the best way for us to help you do it.







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