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Falling In Love With October Weddings

Crazy but true, October is here! With that the crew at Simply Devine finds ourselves stopping to catch our breath after a whirlwind of summer weddings.


Ok. Done. Time to move on.


While summer is generally thought of as the “prime time” to get hitched, fall might just be my favorite time of year for weddings. As a wedding planner, this season brings a whole new kind of vibe to the big day, and it’s one I really get into—and not just because of fuzzy socks, kick-butt boots and pumpkin bars (well, maybe because of pumpkin bars).  The weddings I plan in the fall are generally smaller, more intimate and more casual family-style affairs. The kind where Uncle Bob wears his favorite hunting shirt and no one even cares.  The feeling is more laid back and the fall colors could not make a wedding planner any happier. Many times, couples are just recently engaged and they seem a lot less stressed than some of my summer couples.


If a fall date works well for your wedding, there are some great advantages. First, vendors are generally not as busy and you’ll have an easier time booking the people and places you want. You might even get a price break for things like hotel rooms and wedding venues. This is where those Midwestern manners come in handy…I am thinking of holding a class on that. More to come.


Second, the weather is usually great. I said USUALLY. This is South Dakota, after all. With any luck, you won’t have to worry about melting in the heat or dodging a blizzard. Most of my fall weddings are indoors but it’s nice to have that beautiful outdoor option for pictures and for letting rowdy ring bearers and flower girls run around outside. It also allows brides and bridesmaids to add some fun to their wedding attire. Vintage long sleeves or a fur wrap, anyone?


Third, who can resist decorating with fall foliage? The reds, oranges, yellows and golds of fall…sign me up! You can often find things in nature that make great centerpieces—pinecones, leaves, pumpkins, gourds, birch bark–which is a nice cost savings and a good excuse for an adventure in the woods. Sign me up again!


And last but not least—did I mention pumpkin bars? Nothing warms up a wedding reception quite like mulled wine, spiced apple cider, a smorgasbord of flavored coffees or pumpkin bars with a thick layer of cream cheese frosting. Let me stop for a minute here.


That was one intense paragraph.


There is one thing you do need to be aware of if you’re planning a fall wedding. As I mentioned above, this is South Dakota and come October, your wedding is contending with prime hunting and football season. Brides, if you really know and love your future husband, you might not want to plan your wedding on opening hunting day or in the middle of a really big football game. I guarantee you will never hear the end of it.


You also might notice a serious lack of testosterone on your guest list.


While it may sound like I am endorsing fall as the only way to go, the truth is, there is something special about every season. I always love the one I happen to be in—which right now is a gorgeous autumn in South Dakota, complete with fuzzy socks and my favorite boots. Enjoy!

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