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Yes We Can and Yes We Do!

Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions from brides wondering what types of things we do and whether or not we have certain rental items. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions to help you understand more about our services.

1. How much do you charge?

This is probably the most important question for most brides. You’ll find Simply Devine offers extremely competitive rates and we’re more than happy to provide you with a personalized estimate. It’s hard to tell you what your costs will be without knowing what you want, but we do have a price sheet that can give you a general idea of our starting package prices. The best way to tackle this question is to give us a call or drop us an email.

2. Do you guys actually come and set the stuff up?

Yep. We load, unload, carry, hang, tie, drape, connect and work like crazy to set up your day. If you want, we can even tear it all back down after your reception is over (not while you’re still dancing). This is out of our most popular services.

3. How much do you actually do–can we just get a few things– is it all or nothing?

We customize our services to exactly what you need. You can use us for as much or as little as you need.

4. Do you do fresh or artificial flowers?

Both! We have an on-staff florist who creates unique arrangements and bouquets just for you, using fresh or silk flowers. We order our flowers fresh and put it all together right before your big day.

5. What are contract obligations?

We don’t deal with contracts. Simply Devine won’t make you sign a contract but we will ask you to pay for your services prior to your wedding or event. Wedding plans change and need to be fluid, which means we remain flexible and not bound to a contract.

6. Do I have to come to Huron?

No. We work with a lot of out-of-town brides who never set foot in Huron. We do most of our planning by phone, text and email but I also travel to my clients all the time. Of course, if you do come to Huron, you can check out our AWESOME inventory where you’re likely to find inspiration and creative ideas.

7. What is a typical wedding day?

There is no typical. We customize our services to each client. Some need us there from set-up all the way through tear-down, and some just want us there for day-of coordination or to deliver rental items. Your wedding will be like no one else’s, so typical is not really very typical!

8. How long do I get to keep my rentals?

We work around your schedule so you’re not stressed. Just let us know what works best for you.

9. When can I pick up the rentals?

You can pick up your rentals at our business in Huron or you can arrange delivery with us.

10. When do I have to pay?

We ask for pay prior to your event, but we are happy to help break these costs down in payments over time leading up to the big day.

11. What is your deposit?

We ask for half the rental fee and $300 to hold your date. We want to make sure we have the items and the staff on hand to accommodate your big day.

12. How far do you travel?

We’re always flexible and up for an adventure. We generally stay within 4-5 hours from Huron, but have been known to venture a little farther. We have several clients from West River, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska. Just ask!

13. Can we use some of our own stuff?

Of course. We’re happy to work with things you have to help make your day more personal and reflective of you.

14. How will I know what my stuff will look like?

We provide you with samples to look at so you know exactly what things will look like. Centerpieces, floral arrangements, table set-ups, chair covers and sashes…there will be no surprises. Unlike many companies, we even provide bridal bouquet samples. We do all this in advance so if there is something you want to change, we have time to change it!

15. Will you deliver?

Huron is our home but we’re not here very often! We deliver all over, all the time.

16. Do you bring the food?

We don’t cater, but we know some good ones if you need a recommendation.

17. When you go to a wedding what do you bring?

Everything we need to do our job and a lot of things that will help in a pinch. We have a van stocked with all kinds of supplies, so we’re always ready for anything. We also bring along emotional support—which means if you need help with a tricky family situation, a hardcore mother-in-law or a groomsman who’s having a little too much fun, we’re on it.

18. Do you come up with decorating ideas or do we?

Tell us what you have in mind or bring in pictures you like and we will put together a presentation for you that brings it all together and helps you narrow your options, based on your budget and your dreams.

19. How much experience do you have?

I have been in business for myself for over eight years. I have done just about every kind of wedding and event you can think of and have helped hundreds of happy clients.

20. Do you hire the photographer, DJ, baker, etc. or do I?

Either way…again, my services are totally customized to your needs. It all depends on how much or how little you want to be involved.

21. Why do I need you? Can’t I just do this all myself?

You can. But hiring a wedding planner often saves you time, stress AND money. We know how to do things right, we know just how much to order and we also know where and how to save you money. Our biggest benefit is that we don’t charge for communication. You can call us, email, text and meet with us as often as you like. Communication is key and it really helps pull your day together. Plus, we make the experience FUN. Just ask our clients!