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Five Daughters. Five Weddings. Five Times The Fun.

Planning a daughter’s wedding is one of those special mother/daughter privileges every mom anticipates with much joy and just a little nostalgia (ok, a lot of nostalgia).


Now imagine planning FIVE daughter’s weddings. Without breaking into hives.


That is exactly what one of my favorite clients of all time, Kari Sandmann of Alpena, South Dakota, has done over the course of the past few years. After each of her daughters (Ashley, Brittany, Corttany, Kelsea and Shelby) said yes to the man of her dreams, Kari and her awesome husband Kevin said yes giving them the wedding of their dreams.


“When my first daughter got married, we did the whole thing ourselves—the planning, the decorating and even the clean-up. By the time the dance started, I was completely exhausted and did not have the energy to enjoy it,” Kari remembers. “For the next wedding, a friend told me about Simply Devine. After that amazing experience, I told my husband I would never do a wedding any other way.”


And she hasn’t. Our whole team at Simply Devine has been there for Brittany, Corttany and the recently married Shelby and Kelsea (both within about 40 days of each other). Each celebration featured a completely different look and feel, reflecting the individual personalities of the brides. We pride ourselves on our “no two weddings are ever alike” philosophy, but it is especially important in the case of five sisters. Right, Kari?


“Even after our fourth wedding and it amazes me that every wedding was totally different. The flowers were always gorgeous, the decorations were always awesome and the whole day is so put together. Our relatives just marvel at our beautiful weddings. I am not sure how you do it, but you knock it out of the park every time,” she said. (Awww…thanks! I’m blushing…)


After planning four weddings with Kari, she has become like family to Simply Devine. The best part is, we know she loves us, too. This last wedding was incredibly bittersweet. Watching our last Sandmann daughter walk down the aisle was tough. I guarantee our eyes weren’t dry. But as we reflect on all the fun we’ve had planning each and every wedding, here are some of the things I want to share with you:


  1. There is ALWAYS another way. Whether we need to cut costs or can’t find the right color or want it to be different than the sister before, we will happily find another solution. We promise.
  2. We’re worth it. We honestly are. I know this from the smile on Kari’s face at the end of the night, when we’ve taken care of all the little details and allowed her to enjoy her time with family and friends. Knowing I bring this kind of value to someone’s life makes my job a pleasure.
  3. Focus on what’s important. Not everything will be perfect, and it’s ok. If you spill two giant containers of snack mix, it’s just snack mix. We’ll take care of it and move on. Just ask Kari.
  4. If you are feeling overwhelmed, call me. I give you my text number, my email and my cell phone number for a reason. I want to help. I’m here to help. Even if you just need to talk.
  5. Don’t be afraid to be honest. If you can’t afford something, tell me. We’ll work around it. If you seriously don’t like one of our ideas, tell us. We have more! If something isn’t right, talk to me about it. I want to make you happy, and it all starts with honest communication.
  6. And finally…a big hug goes a long way. I tend to become a little attached to the families I work with, so don’t be surprised if you get a lot of hugs along the way. As a wedding planner, I think hugs just go with the territory.

As I wrap up my season of weddings with the beautiful Sandmann daughters, I will say that the mother of those daughters has been a highlight of my career. Thank you, Kari, for sharing this special time with me!


For the rest of you, if you’re planning a wedding (or five) in your future, I would love to help you make your day awesome. If you would like to talk to someone like Kari their wedding planning experience, let me know. I have many happy clients in my files and I’m happy to share them with you.


Have a great day!





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