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Five Reasons For Hiring A Wedding Planner

Hello. I’m Rebecca, owner of Simply Devine Weddings. Welcome to my blog! This is the first of many so be sure to check in often—especially if you’ve got wedding bells in your future. I plan to fill this page full of advice, time-tested tips, ideas and even some great “live and learn” stories from my experiences as a wedding planner. Trust me, I’ve seen it all.


It makes sense that my first blog would tackle the issue of why you should hire a wedding planner (pick me!) in the first place. I can think of a zillion reasons but we’ll just stick with the top five. Here goes:


  • I can save you money. Yep. It’s true. While you will have to pay for my services, I come with some pretty serious benefits. I know where to get the best stuff at the best prices, and the savings add up fast. Plus, Simply Devine Weddings is vertically integrated with a florist and decorator on staff. We don’t hire out or subcontract—everything you need starts and stays with me.
  • I will save you time. This one probably goes without saying, but planning a wedding takes time, even if it’s a small affair. I can take care of all the details–ordering, scheduling, planning, sending invitations, decorating and cleaning up afterwards. If it makes you sweat just thinking about it, I’m your girl.
  • I’ve been there and done that. You may not have planned a wedding before, but I have. My experience ensures you won’t make first-timer mistakes, like not ordering the right amount of food, not leaving enough time for pictures or choosing an outdoor location without nearby restrooms (that wouldn’t have happened if those poor people would have hired me).
  • I can be your wingman. Worried your mother-in-law is going to take over? Scared your future groom is thinking paper plates and blue jeans? Dreading the scene your divorced parents might make at the reception? I’m on it. My role allows me to gently and tactfully handle the people most apt to drive you crazy. God bless ‘em.
  • I’ll make your day gorgeous. Simply Devine Weddings can take your ideas for colors, themes, seasons and locations and turn your day into a work of art that perfectly reflects you. Just look through our portfolio. We think you’ll agree.

So there you have it. Five reasons to hire a Simply Devine Weddings. If you need five more, just give me a call.  In the meantime, keep checking back on this page. I’ve got another blog to write.

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