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Flowers are a big part of your day.

We specialize in fresh and silk floral arrangements for both your wedding party and your reception without the retail markup you’ll find at conventional flower shops.

Fresher is better.
We’re not a flower shop so we don’t just use things out of the cooler before they wilt. If we handle your floral arrangements, everything will be fresh and ordered specifically for your wedding, not someone else’s funeral.

Seeing is knowing.
We’ll always provide you with a trial bouquet and sample centerpieces so you can see exactly what they’ll look like on your big day. It’s another Simply Devine point of difference designed to give you peace of mind.

Better flow.
With Simply Devine, you’ll have one artist working on your floral arrangements. That assures you’ll get better flow and continuity. Plus we source all your flowers from the same grower for consistent coloration. That way, you get exactly what you want from beginning to end.