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How Much Can Your Wedding Planner Bench Press?

Your idea of the perfect wedding planner/decorator is probably someone who has a lot of creativity, enthusiasm and a big book of glowing endorsements.


That’s great. You shouldn’t expect anything less. In fact, I encourage you to expect more!


As a person who’s been in this profession for 8+ years, I know it takes all kinds of creativity and organization to pull off an amazing wedding. It also takes the stuff you don’t really think about when you’re shopping for a wedding planner. We’re talking behind the scenes stuff, the nitty-gritty that has to happen before your guests arrive.


For example: does your creative, enthusiastic wedding planner have the stamina to set up 350 chairs, decorate them with chair covers and tie ribbons around each one? Will this same planner still be creative and enthusiastic while overseeing the wedding, the reception and the clean-up hours later? Is she strong enough to lift 50-pound tables? Can she climb a ladder to string lights from the ceiling, build an arbor and fix a chocolate fountain? (If not, I am happy to apply for the job!)


A great wedding planner/decorator needs to be farm-girl tough—and not just on the outside. She’s gonna need some strength on the inside too.  Will your wedding planner go to bat for you if things go wrong with the photographer, the DJ or uninvited wedding guests? Will she work on your behalf and only your behalf?  In my opinion, this is a deal killer. If your wedding planner can’t tell the baker she shorted your cupcake order, she’s in the wrong business.


And one more thing. Let’s talk about resourcefulness. When things are the wrong color or they break or run out, will your wedding planner have the tools/supplies/ability to fix the problem without stressing you out? A wedding planner with a huge arsenal of supplies is golden at her very own finger tips. Have you checked out my warehouse lately?


This “wedding planner shopping list” wasn’t written to scare you! It was written to help you. A wedding planner/decorator isn’t just about making things pretty. Even if you don’t choose me (strong, resourceful me) for your wedding, you do need to consider the physical capabilities and resources of the person you do choose. It’s something most brides don’t think about until it’s too late.


That’s all for now. I’m on my way to lift something heavy…

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