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How Not To Be A Bridezilla

Weddings can do crazy things to brides. The stress, the emotion and the overwhelming responsibility of creating The Most Perfect Day Ever can make just about anyone lose it. I’m not saying it will happen to you, I’m just saying I’ve seen it. A lot. Having a wedding decorator/planner will help you through it all is one way to avoid some of the insanity. I’ll do my best to help you avoid becoming a Bridezilla, as calmly and as gently as possible.


Here is a list of the top things that may require Bridezilla Intervention.


#1. You make unrealistic demands of your bridesmaids. Expecting your bridesmaids to dye or cut their hair, lose weight or remove tattoos for your wedding is probably crossing the line. Also, think where your  bridesmaids are financially in life—paying for dresses, shoes, lavish bachelorette parties and showers, expensive wedding gifts, salon visits and plane tickets could be taking away college tuition funds and rent money. I’ll help you find ways to keep the costs down. Your bridesmaids will thank you.


#2. You make unrealistic demands of your wedding guests. The keyword here is guests. These people are not just a backdrop for the big show. I’ll do my best to keep things running smooth and looking good, even if Uncle Zeke wore blue jeans and your nephews made a mess at the cupcake table.  Smile through the small stuff and you’ll be an even more beautiful bride.


#3. You make unrealistic demands of your hired help.  I have seen many brides take “my day, my way” a little too far, especially when it comes to dealing with DJ’s, photographers, caterers, musicians and yes…wedding planners. Part of my job is to work on your behalf when dealing with these services. If you are upset with something, come to me. I will either A) handle the situation without causing a scene or B) help you understand the situation without causing a scene. Either way, the goal here is to avoid that dreaded Bridezilla title.


#4. You make unrealistic demands of your groom. This is where things really get sad. If you expect your groom to get every single detail right on Your Most Perfect Day Ever, you’re expecting too much. Turning his little mistakes into a fighting match will ruin your day quicker than you can say “Bridezilla.” Unless he shows up at your wedding really late, really drunk or calls you by another woman’s name…let it go. For better or for worse, remember?


In a nutshell, if you find yourself screaming, yelling, stomping, slamming, throwing, punching or kicking anything on your wedding day…you’ve probably crossed into Bridezilla territory. I’m here to make sure your wedding day is memorable in a GOOD way. We can and will do this. I promise.

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