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Is Your Wedding The Real Deal?

Today we’re going to tackle a subject I’ll call “Real vs. Fake.” And since you’re already snickering, we’ll go there first.


Boobs: Real vs. Fake
Yep. We’re going there. If you’re having trouble filling out the bust in your wedding gown, it’s ok to use a filler to add a cup size and the appearance of cleavage. They call these magical boobie boosters “chicken cutlets” (which is a little disturbing) and they work like a charm. Lots and lots of small-chested women do this and it’s perfectly acceptable.


Flowers: Real vs. Fake
About half our weddings use real flowers and the other half uses silk. There is no right or wrong answer here except you want quality silk flowers and not cheesy plastic ones. People used to use fake flowers to save money but these days silk arrangements can cost just as much if not more than real flowers. However, if you want peonies in December silk may be only option. This one’s up to you.


Cake: Real vs. Fake
There are people out there who believe decorating a fake Styrofoam cake and serving a real cake will save tons of money. A good cake decorator will tell you this isn’t true. Fake cakes are often just as expensive as real cakes. While this decision is yours, I’m personally in favor of a real wedding cake. But give me another piece just to make sure.
On a related note, wedding cake professionals warn against putting real flowers on a real cake. Some real flowers can be toxic. The last thing you want is to make your guests sick. Go for sugar flowers instead or make sure to use a florist (like us) who knows her flowers.


Tan: Real vs. Fake
I’m not going to lecture you about the evils of the sun (that’s your doctor’s job), but a little color…I said A LITTLE color…is a nice complement to a wedding dress. If you decide to get it from the sun or a tanning bed, it’s truly your business—just be careful not to overdo it. If you’re looking for a faux glow, today’s spray tan is a great option. You can get a professionally done spray tan, or if you are brave and experienced, you can DIY. Be sure to shave and exfoliate like crazy and test drive the spray tan you plan to use a few times. Self-tanning two days before the wedding is the perfect time frame. Good luck!


Nails: Real or Fake
It doesn’t matter what you do as long as your nails look fresh, clean, manicured and perfect for a picture. Beautiful nails—real or tastefully fake—are on your must-do list.


Hair: Real or Fake
Fake hair extensions are IN but here’s the thing: fake hair must be made of REAL hair. Make sense? You should also use these only in combination with a professional stylist who knows how to work with hair extensions. Make sure the color matches, the style works and you feel like the princess you are.


Ring: Real or Fake
Surely you’re not serious? If you like it put a REAL ring on it. End of conversation.


Well, that wraps up my “Real vs. Fake” blog edition. There might be one more topic you can explore on your honeymoon, but I’ll let you figure that one out for yourself.


Until next time, keep it real!

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