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Know When To Say When

So he asked the question and you said yes. Congratulations!


Now that we’ve got that out of the way (schwew!) the next big question will probably be “when?”


We know you want to get started on this exciting adventure right away, but there are a few things you should know before you dive in.


First off, many brides quickly discover the dress of their dreams takes up to six months to order. There are always faster options, but if you aren’t willing to compromise on your dress, understand that beautiful, tailor-made things come to those who wait.


The second thing you may have to wait on is a venue. Whether it’s the church, the park, the reception hall or wherever, the location needs to be reserved. Sometimes, your favorite venue can be booked up to a year in advance—or more. Make a list of locations you would be comfortable with and check availability. If you plan to get married in your church, start there. Open church dates could very well decide your “when” for you.


Several other factors have to line up before you can send out those “save the date” cards. After your wedding location, you may need to book a reception hall, a photographer, a caterer, a hotel, a DJ…the list seems endless, but that’s where a good wedding planner (hi there!) can really help.


The third consideration in your “when” is the time of year that might work best for you. Around here, we have four very distinct seasons and not all of them work for an outdoor event. If you want to get married outside, you should probably stick with summer and early fall. Winter isn’t the best time to plan a wedding if your guest list includes a lot of faraway friends and relatives. But it might be the perfect time to tie the knot if you want a small, intimate wedding and an amazing tropical honeymoon.


Finally, your “when” could simply depend on your life and how a wedding fits into the plan. Do one or both of you need to finish school? Find a job? Save money? Sit down as a couple and write down a realistic timeline for getting married. Agreeing on this is the first step to a solid partnership.


And if that doesn’t work, call me. I’m not only a wedding planner, I’m also a pretty good mediator.

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