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A Few Good Wedding Tips. And I Mean That Literally.

Lately, a lot of brides have been asking about tipping etiquette. Who do they tip? How much do they tip? When do they tip? I thought I would offer a few tips of my own on the subject.


First off, there are no hard and fast rules about tipping but it is a nice way to recognize someone who has worked their butt off for your wedding. Generally, you tip people for a job well done–just be sure that a gratuity isn’t already included in their fee. Some people (like ministers) won’t accept tips, but it might be acceptable to donate to the church instead. Also, a nice thank-you note, review or recommendation is a GREAT tip and is usually very appreciated by businesses that thrive on referrals.


Instead of making you wade through paragraphs of do’s and don’ts, I put together a little cheat sheet to make it easy. Remember, these are general rules that should be used with a little common sense. For example, if your wedding is of Kardashian proportions, you might want to up these numbers for your hard-working vendors.


Hair Stylists/Make-Up Artists/Seamstress

Tip: Yes

Amount: 15-20%

When: With payment


Wedding Photographer/Videographer

Tip: Optional, based on service

Amount: $50-$100 or referral/recommendation and thank-you note

When: After service is over



Tip: Yes, unless gratuity is included

Amount: 15-20% to be shared with catering staff

When: At the end of the reception


Ceremony Officiant

Tip: Yes, if allowed. If not, consider a donation to the church.

Amount: $75-$100

When: In an envelope by the best man after the ceremony or at the reception if the officiant attends


Ceremony Musicians

Tip: Optional

Amount: Hired musicians, $25. Friends may like a small gift or thank-you note.

When: After the ceremony


Wedding DJ/Band

Tip: Optional, based on service

Amount: $25 per musician or $50-$100 for DJ

When: After the reception


Reception Attendants (coat check, bartenders, bathroom attendants, etc.)

Tip: Usually spelled out in the contract

Amount: Individual guests may tip these people, if not, consider a $25 tip per person

When: After the reception


Wedding Transportation

Tip: Yes, unless gratuity is included

Amount: 15-20%

When: After the last ride


Wedding Planner

Tip: Tipping your wedding planner is totally optional…wow. That was kinda awkward.

Amount: Martha Stewart says $100 and up for a job well done, or a nice gift and thank-you note. I would agree. Note is my preference.

When: After the reception or in the mail.


My final tip would be to get all these tips organized into envelopes prior to the wedding and hand them over to the best man (or someone who will be responsible and somewhat sober). There. That should cover everything for your big day. Anyone want to hear about tipping on your honeymoon?

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