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Laughter is a Great Wedding Ceremony Decoration

So here we are, cruising right through the heart of wedding season and I decided it’s time to lighten things up. I mean this literally. I’ve seen so many stressed-out brides miss the fun and excitement of their wedding day because they’re too worried about something going wrong.


But let me ask you—is it the end of the world if the flower girl sits in the middle of the aisle and refuses to budge? Or your groom messes up his words? Or the best man cracks a joke? I’ve seen all of these things, and plenty more. And I have great advice for handling any situation that doesn’t go exactly as planned.


It’s called laughter.


Nothing can turn an awkward moment around faster than good-natured laughter from the beautiful bride. In reverse, nothing makes an awkward moment MORE awkward than a bride who’s clearly angry and upset. You can’t always help the way you feel, but if you tell yourself ahead of time to try and have a sense of humor about the day, it really helps.


As your wedding planner and decorator, I work hard to overcome the little bumps that may happen along the way to a wonderful wedding. I also try to display a relaxed, calm manner in hopes that it’s contagious. But sometimes, things don’t always go as planned. So go ahead and laugh it.


What better, more joyful way to begin a marriage?


Here are a few of the fun things I’ve seen done at weddings to purposely lighten the mood. Take them and add your own personal twist or come up with a funny touch that fits you (remember, however, to be respectful of your church and any sacred readings.)


  1. Change up the vows. Maybe the officiant says “You may update your Facebook status” instead of “You may kiss the bride.” Maybe he says “to infinity and beyond” instead of “until death do you part.” You get the idea.
  2. Have a little fun with the hand-off. When Dad gives away the bride, it’s a great moment for some comic relief.  I’ve heard Dads joke about “no refunds” or ask the groom “you sure about this?”
  3. I’ve also seen the wedding party pretend to lose the rings. You can “plant” them in the audience and really have some fun.
  4. A favorite (thank you YouTube) is the choreographed dance number down the wedding aisle. You can get all kinds of ideas on the Internet, just make sure you have a wedding party that’s into it.
  5. Other fun wedding ideas are favorite quotes or stories about the bride and groom  in the wedding program, an audience “sing-along” as the wedding party leaves the church, incorporating pets into the ceremony, letting the grandmas and grandpas be flower girls and ring bearers…the list goes on and on.


If you’re up for humor, there are tons of great ways to do it and I can help. Like I said, laughter is my favorite wedding decoration. And don’t even get me started on ideas for your reception.

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