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Location, Location, Location

In a recent blog, we tackled the issue of when you should get married. This time around, we’re going to work on the where.


Now, you can go for broke (literally, these places are expensive) and book a destination wedding to one of the most amazing wedding venues in the world. You could say “I do” from a suspended bridge overlooking the sea. Or maybe you tie the knot in an exotic garden on a tropical island. Perhaps your idea of perfection is a snow-covered mountaintop and a million dollar view. If so, call now, book your reservation and you may be excused.


If a big destination wedding isn’t your thing, keep reading. The next possibilities on your list probably include A) a church, or B) pretty much anywhere else. I’m serious. These days people get married in hotels, galleries, malls, stadiums, barns, chalets, zoos, mansions, castles, vineyards, parks, backyards, beaches, gazebos…if you can dream it, it can probably be done. The biggest hurdles are IF you can use the space, WHEN the space is available and HOW LONG you can be there. You’ll also want to find out how many people the space can hold.


With all these options, how do you decide? The obvious first step is to talk to your partner. Each of you write down your favorite choices and compare lists. Then, narrow down your selections and have a heart-to-heart. Sometimes, your wedding location is a simple decision and sometimes it’s not. However, as stated in my previous blog, your “where” usually determines your “when” so you need to get this nailed down.


Once a decision is made, reserve your venue and let the fun begin. Depending on where you choose, you may need quite a bit of decorating (and quite possibly a really good decorator…ahem). Some places are so beautiful, you may need very little decorating at all. Let your imagination (or mine) wander to make your venue the perfect backdrop for the perfect wedding.


Now that we’ve tackled the two biggies…when and where…we can get down to the WHO.


But that, my friends, is for another day.

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