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My Brides Are Truly Golden This Season.

We are heading smack into prime wedding season and things are really hopping at Simply Devine. As I look around my warehouse, my linen room and my floral department, I can’t help but smile. Wedding seasons go in trends, and this year is no different. As far as 2015 summer weddings go, brides are choosing a combination of romance, whimsy and simple, bold statements to pull off some really fantastic ideas. There are some common themes in nearly every wedding I plan, and I thought it might fun to tell you “what’s hot” this summer—besides the upcoming South Dakota weather.


COLOR.  It’s not the color I notice but the LACK of color that’s making things interesting this summer. Soft, muted shades of nearly every color can be found, but the hot pinks, bright corals and electric blues are taking a backseat to colors like blush, wine, champagne, gold, yellow, earthy green and dusty blue, to name a few.


GOLD AND GLITTER. So if everything is muted, how are we getting things to POP? Shiny, glittery gold accessories are hot, hot, hot. Everything from table decorations to hair accessories to shoes. If you’ve got gold in your wedding, then you did your homework. Or else your wedding planner did.


RUSTIC STYLE. A lot of couples are choosing a more casual, rustic/bohemian style for their receptions, with informal and unconventional ways for bringing friends and family close together. Décor often centers around white twinkle lights, mason jars, touches of burlap and wood. Copper is making a big statement and, again, gold accents are “the thing” this season.


ROMANTIC FLOWERS. To match all this rustic/muted color stuff we have going on, wedding flowers are also softer and less flashy. We tend to do a lot of pastel-colored bouquets that look picked fresh right out of the field, incorporating baby’s breath and other natural, earthy elements. Another hot trend is all white bouquets or bouquets done in a big statement flower, such as succulents and hydrangeas.


INVITES. Invitations are also softer and less fussy, with watercolor designs and handcrafted touches.


FOOD DÉCOR. Wow. Food isn’t just for eating any more, and people are just getting more and more creative by using food as a focal design point at the reception. Caterers are going for homestyle, traditional foods to match the rustic/family feel, but things like donut dessert walls, craft beer gardens and sauce stations are putting some serious fun into wedding receptions. Yum!


PINTEREST. Yes, Pinterest keeps me on my toes! Brides look to Pinterest for all the coolest DIY ideas and we try our hardest to replicate them as economically as possible. We’re all for hand-crafted, but when it comes to 2015 weddings…we think there may be a conspiracy with the spray paint and sequin manufacturers.


So that’s my take on what’s hot for weddings this summer. If you need something gold, something rustic, something romantic and something (dusty) blue…you know where to find me. I’ll be the one holding the gold spray pant and the gold glitter in the Simply Devine workroom. Happy wedding season!

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