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My Dirty Little Secret.

If you haven’t met me in person yet, I’m about to burst your bubble. I’m not Jennifer Lopez.


If you’ve seen The Wedding Planner, get those images out of your head right now. Real wedding planners don’t wear three-inch high heels, stand around in designer dresses and drive sports cars.  When I’m making your big day perfect, you’ll find me in comfortable shoes and clothes that allow me to work my butt off without looking like a slob. I drive cargo vans (respectfully named of course) that can hold anything from hay bales to helium balloons. By the end of the day, I will be exhausted and the inside of my vehicle will look like a craft store explosion–which is exactly why you hire me.


While the movies and the media glamorize wedding planning into being a sexy profession designed for the rich and famous, this could not be farther from the truth. Trust me when I say I do all your dirty work—from scrubbing stains out of your table linens to picking up trash after the reception. I handle just about anything else that comes my way, and most of it isn’t possible in a pair of Jimmy Choos. I will look professional, I’ll be respectful, but I’ll be in the background—not out front taking all the credit for your beautiful day.


If you’re curious about why I chose this profession, it’s because I love to organize, plan, dream and make people happy. I find great satisfaction in helping couples pull off a perfect day. I believe my role is a valuable one–and I also happen to really enjoy weddings. But unlike the wedding planners you see on reality TV, I’m not a diva.  This day is all about YOU. As a regular, hard-working South Dakota girl, I guarantee I won’t hog your spotlight or make you buy things you don’t need. I won’t throw a fit or force you into doing things my way. And unlike Jennifer Lopez, I definitely won’t try to steal your groom.


Now that’s a bonus for any bride.

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