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No Time Like the Present: Let’s Talk Wedding Registries.

When it comes to dealing with wedding gifts, most brides and grooms look at wedding registries in one of two ways: either they can’t wait to go crazy with the Target scan gun or they are slightly embarrassed by the whole idea. Their reasons range from feeling greedy to not wanting to appear tacky to already having everything they need. Either way, I’m here to shed a little light on the whole wedding registry dilemma.


First off, you don’t HAVE to register for gifts. You can request no gifts or you can ask for a donation to your favorite charity. Both totally acceptable. If you’d rather have cash or gift cards, don’t ask for it outright…that’s when things get tacky. Instead, you can skip the registry and hope people take the hint. Just expect to get a few unwanted gravy boats along the way.


Next, registering for gifts isn’t greedy or selfish. Most people want to give you a wedding gift and the registry assures them they’ll be getting you something you want. It takes the pressure off the giver, kind of like a gift to the giftee.


As with most things involving your wedding, there are some rules of etiquette involved if you do decide to go the gift registry route.


  1. Wedding gifts are generally intended for “building a nest.” You know. Things that will help create a home or support a couple’s “together-time” in some way. So no, you probably shouldn’t register for the latest IPhone. Think kitchenware, house accessories, tools and standard electronics.
  2. Don’t register for all the most expensive things you can find. Include items at all price points so you don’t overwhelm your broke college friends and also so you point your generous grandma and grandpa in the direction of something truly special.
  3. Register at a nice mix of places. Include at least one or two brick and mortar stores located in most cities, as well as a place or two that offers online shopping.
  4. Don’t use your gifts until after your wedding. Not to jinx you or anything, but sometimes things happen. If you decide to open any gifts before your big day—DON’T USE THEM UNTIL YOU’RE HITCHED. Keep them in their original boxes and keep those price tags in place. If for some reason the big day is a bust, returning gifts is a priority.
  5. Speaking of returning gifts, you will get duplicates and you will get things you don’t like. Make sure you check the return policies.
  6. Last but never least, say thanks. Keep a log of all the gifts you receive and who sent them. Mention the gifts by name in your thank-you notes and send your thank-yous in the mail (hint: write them together and it goes twice as fast).


Remember, even if you are feeling a little guilty about all those gifts, most guests love giving them. Let your friends and family spoil you. This is one of the only days of your life when everything truly is all about you—enjoy!








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