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Say “I Do” to a Babysitter

You reserved the reception hall. Ordered the flowers. Hired a caterer.


But have you found a babysitter?


You read that right. Hiring a trusted, reliable babysitter is a smart idea for any couple who wants to include a little one (or little ones) in their big day. These days, many couples bring children into the marriage and having a babysitter available makes the day less stressful. While it’s beautiful to include children in the marriage of a family, you also need to be realistic.


Let me put it this way. Weddings involve long days, lots of activity and late nights. Combine that with the mood swings of your average toddler and you’re asking for trouble. I’ve seen more than one frilly-dressed infant let loose in the middle of a beautiful ceremony. It’s not pretty.


And as your wedding planner, I think we’re going for pretty.


My advice is to hire someone to be at your wedding site for emergency babysitting situations. That means a room set aside with toys, games, blankets, pillows, snacks and a responsible babysitter. Please don’t just assume wedding guests (aka your mother) are going to handle babysitting duties. Take care of these details in advance and make sure everyone knows your plans.


If your wedding will include young flower girls and ring bearers or you’re inviting out-of-town relatives who don’t have access to local babysitters, you can consider extending the babysitting services to them as well. Of course, this could mean hiring more than one sitter to handle multiple kids, but the courtesy will be much appreciated. Make sure payment details are worked out in advance and supply your sitter(s) with food, beverages and plenty of ways to keep the kids entertained and happy.


Finally, when it comes to including small children in your day, try to keep them on schedule as much as possible, bringing them to the church last for photos and pre-ceremony details. Consider making your babysitter part of your entire day…starting an hour or two before the wedding and going right through the reception.


My job is to make your day as stress-free as possible. If your day involves small children, a wedding day babysitter is a top recommendation–right up there with a professional photographer and a reliable DJ.


I promise you’ll thank me later.

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