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Simply Devine Goes The Distance For Our Brides.

What happens in Vegas next week ain’t gonna stay in Vegas.


My trusty sidekick Katie and I will be traveling to Las Vegas on Sunday to attend the Wedding MBA Convention, which is a Massive Gathering of All Things Wedding—including 90 seminars, a load of exhibitors and the inside scoop on cutting edge trends, cool technology and how to be even more awesome (awesomer?) at our jobs.


We can’t wait.


In addition to all the vendor swag we get to bring home, we also look forward to coming back with recharged batteries and tons of fresh new ideas and perspectives. It’s just good to get away and see how other people in this industry do what we do. If you’re one of the lucky brides meeting with us after we get back, look out. We’ll probably blow you away with our new creative energy.


So. What exactly are we going to find on this big adventure? Well, some of the topics are “Confessions of a Planning Junkie…My Type A, OCD, Over-Achieving System” (you mean there are more of us?), “Dream Boards…Awaken Unexpected Themes for Your Weddings” and an interesting one called “Bride-Polar,” which surely has nothing to do with anyone we’ve ever dealt with. There is even one on “being a good wedding planning blogger,” so who knows if you will ever hear from me again? Kidding.


All in all, we are psyched for our trip and ready to take Vegas by storm. It’s a great opportunity not just for us but for you, our clients, as well.


Now onto the next big topic…what in the world do I pack?

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