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Simply Devine knows how to go the distance

You know that little mobile sidekick you can’t live without?


It’s completely transformed the way I do business.


For example, Katie and I “met” Cari by smart phone last January when she was interviewing potential wedding planners. We got the job (yay!), but didn’t actually meet her or her groom in person until their wedding day in October. Back in the day, a story like that would have been pretty crazy.


The crazy thing is, it’s not so crazy. Thanks to technology like Facetime, texting and email, Simply Devine has helped dozens of couples plan weddings without ever meeting face-to-face. In fact, we’re in the middle of planning several of them now! So why do so many couple feel comfortable having a long distance relationship with us?


“I found Simply Devine through an Internet search on The Knot,” explains Cari. “I talked to other planners, but I wanted someone who could handle everything from the flowers to arranging vendors to decorating to setting up and tearing down. Simply Devine does it all, and that is what we wanted. A one-stop shop.”


Cari is right. We ARE a one-stop shop. We have a rental warehouse, we have a florist, we plan, we decorate, we organize, we set-up, we tear down and we are willing to travel. We’re like the Target of the wedding world, brimming with all the things you need (and even all the things you don’t need).


But back to the topic. How does this long distance stuff work?


Well, between the months of January and October, Simply Devine helped Cari plan a gorgeous outdoor wedding and a beautiful reception in Yankton while she was living in Nebraska and Colorado. We emailed, talked on the phone and texted frequently to make sure we were always on the same page.


“I told Rebecca the kinds of flowers I wanted and my colors and we talked about style,” remembers Cari. “My mother-in-law actually met with Simply Devine to see the flowers and decorations and they sent me photos. I was super happy with what I saw, and told them to just keep going with it. When I showed up on my wedding day, everything was done. I think I just got lucky because it can’t always be this easy!”


Well…it actually can. In fact, our goal is to always make your day come together as smoothly and easily as possible. We work around all kinds of budgets, locations, themes, parameters and challenges to  make a great day happen—including planning an entire wedding and reception for couples in other states and even overseas.


So. If you want to get married in South Dakota and you’re nowhere near South Dakota, we’re here for you. Literally. We’re located in the middle of nowhere and everywhere…and we’re ready to do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true. All you have to do is call.

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