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Something Old, Something New

When you were a little girl, you probably thought about or dreamed of your wedding as having that flawless, cloud white dress with the perfect face veil to match, having one close girlfriend stand by you as you marry your spouse, or walking out of the church as loved ones propelled rice at you. Now as the day fast approaches, it has come to your attention that those mere traditions are now things of the past and may not work best for you OR your vision.


When it comes to picking out your wedding dress, it should be your decision (and your decision only!) when choosing the perfect one for your extra-special day. Ditch the notion that it must be white and fluffy with thousands of layers. If you so choose, let it be blush or ivory with a more fitted silhouette or short and sweet with a bit of a flare! If a white dress is more of your style and fits your vision, choose it! Whichever you decide, make sure it is what you envision yourself wearing on your day and embrace that decision to the fullest!


Your wedding venue is the primary location that sets the tone for your day and how your marriage begins. However, it doesn’t have to take place in a church if you don’t want it to! If you have your heart set on getting married outside underneath that amazing gazebo, make it happen! If you see yourself overlooking the ocean on warm sand, go for it! Wedding locations now-a-days aren’t taking place in the most traditional of locations, and that is OK! Wherever you see yourself being as you tie the knot is entirely up to you. Don’t let the commonalities supersede your vision and dream! However, if you feel like a church setting is the perfect place for you, pull out the stops to make your ideas come to life! Book the venue that fits you (and your fiancé!) best!


Saturdays have been a mogul for weddings for quite some time now, but as time continues, more and more couples have chosen to opt out of that tradition and since Fridays, Sundays, and even weekdays have been their entrance into the world of weddings! It is completely up to you and your spouse when choosing the exact date and day-of-the-week for your wedding! Go with what works best for you and make it happen!


Transportation is another piece of the wedding-day puzzle and has since moved from the traditional limousine to more creative ways of getting from point A to point B. Party buses, wagons, and horse-drawn carriages have made way as optimal sources of transportation for brides and grooms with a unique vision. Couples have also decided to shy away from traveling in a group and instead spend their first moments as husband and wife alone. It is becoming more common for couples to choose a smaller car of their choice as their own separate vehicle and book a larger bus or limousine to transport the rest of their wedding parties. Whatever is decided is exactly what fits the couple’s vision best!


Attendants can be anyone you are close to regardless of gender. If you have that one guy friend that has been with you from the beginning, choose him to stand by you on the most important day of your life. And vice versa! If your groom has a sister that has been his number one supporter, let him choose her as his best women. ☺ Don’t let the traditional “bridesmaid” and “best man” titles get in your way if you choose to go a different, more unique direction.


In today’s world, you can be anything you aspire to be, and it shouldn’t be any different when it comes to planning your wedding. Let every aspect of your day be decided on your own foundation of rules and expectations rather than what has been followed for what seems like an eternity. From the dress to the attendants to getting married in a church, every aspect should be what you love and dream your day of being!


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