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Speaking of St. Patrick’s Day, How About A Green Wedding?

When it comes to weddings, green is the new white. Or something like that. A lot of couples these days are trying to find ways to have a more eco-friendly wedding. It’s actually easier than you think. You don’t have to go over the top and demand low flow toilets from your reception hall or wear a paper dress down the aisle (yes, they seriously exist), but you can make simple choices that make a difference. Many of these options not only treat the earth like a special guest but make your wedding feel a little more special, too.


  • Rent vs. Buy
    Going green is all about recycling and reusing rather than buying everything new. Lucky you—this is where I come in REALLY handy. I have a massive showroom stocked with everything from linens to table decorations to stemware and flatware, which I reuse and repurpose again and again. We can add extra creative touches to fit your wedding design, which is actually more fun and meaningful than just buying everything new.


  • Think About The Trees
    You’ve read The Lorax. We can do our part in speaking for the trees by using beautiful 100% recycled paper for your invites. We still believe in actually hand mailing wedding invitations, but you can cut down on all the extra stuff you put in your envelope by directing people to a website for the RSVP, hotel blocks and directions. We can also nix paper plates, cups and napkins in favor of real linen napkins, real plates and real glasses (I’ve got plenty). Bonus points for keeping it classy.


  • Your Venue
    When it comes to finding an eco-friendly venue, Mother Nature can be an amazing host. She provides us with natural sunlight, naturally beautiful surroundings and plenty of free decor. I know outdoor weddings aren’t right for everyone, but they are a great way to keep things “green.” Another fun idea is to use non-conventional places such as barns and tents and lighting them up with clean burning candles.


  • Flower Power
    Instead having exotic flowers shipped from far away greenhouses, let’s see if we find some local, organically grown flowers that are in season and design some “simply devine” arrangements. Instead of using cut flowers in vases as decorations, consider live potted flowers that can be sent home with your guests as a thank-you. If you want a “green” wedding, a natural place to start is with your greenery.


  • Local Food
    Farm-to-table foods are trendy for a reason. People who care about the environment want foods that are locally raised and locally grown, without pesticides and harmful chemicals. This is pretty easy to find where we live, and I can help you source an amazing locally grown menu, complete with local brews and wines!


  • Wedding Favors
    I’ve never been a big fan of wedding favors, and this is why: most of them end up in the trash. I actually don’t feel favors are necessary, but if you really want to send your guests home with a little something, consider items people actually WANT. For instance, homemade goodies are always a treat, whether it’s a jar of Grandma’s famous jelly or handmade chocolate and caramels. Another fun idea is to send people home with seeds or a tree sapling to plant, or small pots of flowers they can grow at home.  You can also consider DIY favors that are more personal and match your personality–there are plenty of ideas online. Finally, some couples choose to donate to a charity in honor of their wedding guests, and this is a favor that lives on after your big day is over.


As always, I end this blog by reminding you to celebrate your day, your way. If going green is high on your list of priorities, you can go as green as you want to go—or not. There are no rules or guilt trips here. But if you want to plan a green wedding, I specialize in just about every shade.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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