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Thank You Zip Ties, Welders and Maple Iced Donuts.

So here we are. Thanksgiving is just a few days away and Christmas is knocking at the doorstep.  Time really does fly when you’re having fun, and thankfully, we have a lot of fun at Simply Devine. Speaking of thankful, I am jumping on the thankful bandwagon this week…there is just SO MUCH to be grateful for in my life. Instead of thanking the very obvious: my awesome staff, my amazing family, my supportive husband, my adorable kids, let’s talk about some of those people and things that make my life easier behind the scenes.


Here goes.


*Thank you to the angels on my staff who surprise me with a floor that is swept and vacuumed when it looked like a bulldozer hit the day before. Top that off with a freshly cleaned bathroom and you had me at hello.


*Thank you Dave and Tonya Carlson for owning the best gas station and service shop in Huron. You want us to travel safe and you always have our back before a big trip. Let’s hear it for locally owned customer service!


*Thank you to the guys at Huron Welding across the street. You are our knights in shining welding hats. Thanks for all the things you do for us—the fix, the rigging, the making–and we could kiss you for the snow removal. Or bring you maple iced donuts.


*Thank you to brides who stay in touch. We love hearing from you months and years down the road. We especially love baby photos—there is nothing better than seeing a marriage turn into a family.


*Thank you to Tabitha and Donna at Printed Impressions for making your printers hum a magical tune in the form of save-the-dates, invitations, and programs. The glitter, the unique swirls, twirls, designs, and hand drawings. You make hearts and fireworks appear in our brides’ eyes and every guest that receives a special invitation in the mail.


*Thank you to Sundays with my family. I try to make it a priority to always wake up with my family on Sunday morning, even if I just got to bed.


*Thank you to the tech geniuses who invented the Verizon Jetpack so I can access the Internet anywhere, anytime from any device. Not to sound like a commercial, but this thing makes it possible for me to run a business without paying for Internet or a landline. I use it to pieces.


*Thank you to people who fill my van with gas. There is nothing better than getting in a vehicle with a full tank. You know who you are.


*Thank you Diet Coke and maple iced glazed donuts from Casey’s. Thank you even more when served together for breakfast…sorry dental community.


*Thank you for a randomly cleaned and organized tool box. When I open the lid and see that Katie has been at it again, it is like the heavens are singing to me. Hallelujah!!


*Thank you, North American Wholesale Florists. When I call Carrie and tell her I want “those grandma looking roses that are kind of pink and kind of gray,” she gets me. I tell her my vision and she sends me exactly what I want. It’s awesome.


*Thank you for c-clamps, glue guns, sharp shears and zip ties. There is nothing I can’t do without you.


*Thank you to photographers who send me photos before I have to beg. I know I was there, but I really, really, really want to see the pictures. Really.


*Thank you for floral deliveries that happen early in the day rather than later. When you delivery people walk out the door, we do a little dance.


*Thank you for thank yous. Thank you is like “Canon in D” to my ears, I can’t hear it enough. I love thank you notes, thank you cards, you posts, thank you texts…and nothing beats a thank you hug.


When it comes to being thankful, I could go on and on. I appreciate the little things, I couldn’t do this without the big things. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I am so very thankful for you.



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