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The end of a season

As I sit here watching the leaves rapidly disappear from the trees, another fun-crazy-stressful-blessed wedding season coming to a close, I can’t help but feel a little reflective. This year is especially bittersweet as I realize I’m coming up on my 10th year of Simply Devine. That’s ten years, 520 weekends, endless miles and over 1,000 brides. If you would have told me back in 2008 I’d have a client list of over 1,000 brides someday, I would have laughed out loud. Seriously. That’s a lot of brides. I hope they are all as happy and mushy in love today as they were on their wedding day.


See what I mean about feeling reflective? It’s the change of seasons.  I go through this every October as we reach the end of another wedding season and I finally slow down to take a big, deep breath. This year, that breath is a little bigger and a little deeper—it has been nearly ten years, after all.


Through those ten years I’ve watched my baby boys quickly growing into amazing young men. I don’t talk about them often but my boys are my world. It’s hard not to feel pangs of guilt for the milestones I’ve missed and all the weekends I’m gone (you mamas understand, I know). This soft shift in seasons means more time for cookie baking, movie watching and hide-and-seeking. I cannot wait! Those moments with my kids put me over the moon.  As for my husband? I’m over the moon about him, too. He’s been a saint. He’s always my biggest fan, no matter what, and I know he always will be. This last wedding season was my biggest, craziest, most challenging and most rewarding of all…thank you to my family for supporting me. I can’t even begin the list of other people to thank, but you know who you are.  


As I look forward to my big slow down this November, I am excited to take some time for myself and my family. I know that the end of one amazingly beautiful season only means the beginning of another.


Ready or not, here I come.


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