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The Most Beautiful Wedding You’ve Never Seen.

Over a year ago, an amazing woman and her fiancé came to Simply Devine with a request: do whatever you want, as long as you have never done it before.


I think Katie and I both went through the same short round of emotions.


Surprise. Disbelief. Excitement. A touch of fear. And then finally, back to excitement.


Neither of us has ever encountered clients quite like Blair and Brett. As a couple, they are stunningly good looking with a fresh sense of style and happy-go-lucky attitudes to match their unique wedding day request. They didn’t care what we did, as long as it was like nothing anyone had ever seen.


No big deal, right?


“I had a Pinterest board for inspiration, but I didn’t want anything on it. I didn’t want anything from any other wedding,” remembers Blair. “My direction was for something boho…woodsy…romantic. I couldn’t put into words what I wanted, but that was the best part: I didn’t have to. Rebecca and Katie got me and knew exactly what to do.”


Not to brag, but yeah. We did. And we are so glad Brett and Blair came to us.


“Simply Devine was referred to me by a friend. That friend wanted a wedding that was all glitz and glamour, and they nailed it. If you’re a bride, you will get the day you always dreamed of. It won’t be someone else’s day. She’ll make it custom for you,” says Blair, “And honestly, I fell in love with Rebecca the second I met her.”


When it came to Blair, we talked to her quite often and asked all kinds of questions. She sent us photos of things she liked—lots of stuff she found in nature, old horseshoes, vintage pieces. We got a feel for her and just went from there.


“My wedding and reception were so awesome. Every guest told me it was the most beautiful wedding they’d ever seen,” says Blair. “My favorite things were these twelve huge hoops covering in greenery and flowers and branches and feathers, all hanging from the ceiling. Or the giant dream catchers that framed the stage at my reception. Or the feather chandeliers! I loved those. It was all perfect. It was everything I wanted.”


Blair and Brett Andrews were married July 9 in an outdoor ceremony and it was one of those weddings just overflowing with joy and love. Katie and I are so honored to be part of such a uniquely creative day—it really was one for our highlight reel. I’m not sure we can top their wedding for its one-of-a-kind feel, but we’re sure willing to try.


Who’s next?





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