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The Two Most Important Words After “I Do.”

For me, almost nothing is more important at a wedding than the words exchanged throughout the day between family, friends and the bride and groom. Two words in particular (not counting “I Do”) leave a strong impression on the day. Can you guess what they are? In my opinion, you can’t say them often enough.


They are “thank you.”


As a wedding planner, I have seen it all. I’ve heard it all. And the one thing that always impresses me even more than a gorgeous wedding is a gracious bride. A bride that goes out of her way to say thank you and appreciate all the people helping pull her big today together—now that is a bride worth keeping (take notes, single guys).


A gracious bride says thank you to EVERYONE, from the services she hires (caterer, photographer, DJ, florist, etc.) to the wedding party to the guests who come from near and far. If she really wants to make an impression, she’ll write a little note of thanks to the people who treat her right. Not only does this make her day feel warm and fuzzy, it just might earn her an extra hour on the dance floor or a discount on the cake. People like to be appreciated. I, for one, will be far more likely to go out of my way for a gracious bride than I will for an ungrateful bride.


As far as thank-you’s go, I also know the day is a whirlwind and sometimes brides with the best intentions forget to say those very special words, or they accidentally someone out of the speech. This is why it is so important to send out personal thank you notes after the wedding. Take time to sit down and really think about the person—not just the gift they brought—and thank them for being a part of your day.


Many brides and grooms have a chance to say thank you during the reception. Be sure to thank your parents, your families, your wedding party, your wedding guests and any special people who helped you along the way. Go ahead and grab the microphone. A big “thank you to everyone in this room” line goes a long way.


As I’m writing this, I want to extend those two special words to ALL the amazing brides and their families who have chosen Simply Devine to help them with their wedding planning and decorating. I would not have this amazing business without you, so THANK YOU for trusting me to your big day. You are truly awesome.


While I’m at it, thanks for reading my blog. I appreciate your feedback, so leave a comment (or a nice thank you note) anytime!


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