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This Time Of Year, I’m Simply Thankful.

It’s been a great year at Simply Devine Weddings and not to be trite, but I’m going to do that Thankful thing this week along with the rest of the country. Here are all the reasons I am thankful for Simply Devine:

  1. It’s mine! J This awesome business is my baby and I love everything about it. I can throw away corporate policies, work with people I like and if I want to drive four hours to personally deliver something, I just get in the car and go. I do it because I put my whole heart into my business and my clients. I think that’s why they love me back.
  2. It keeps me jazzed. Yep. Planning, decorating, coordinating, dreaming, organizing…it’s a total adrenaline rush. I love to throw all my energy and talents into an event and then watch it come together perfectly. Pulling off an awesome event is pure happy for me. Thank you for that.
  3. It makes me proud. Eight years ago I took a leap and with a lot of hard work and a few hard knocks, I did this! I am super proud of how far my business has come, how much it has grown and how many people I have helped along the way. I re-read those four-star reviews often…thanks for keeping them coming. It means the world.
  4. I have so much to give. No, literally. I really do have so much to give. My inventory of rental items is outrageous and I am so thankful to have a big warehouse that takes up an entire corner street in Huron. If not for this massive space, all this stuff would be in my basement and my garage and…my husband would probably move me out there too. So thanks goes out to big, affordable spaces in my hometown.
  5. I get to pick my people. This might be the thing I am most thankful for…the ability to work with people who love this business, share my values and are willing to go above and beyond to make a client happy. My peeps are 100% awesome, and I probably don’t thank them enough for all they do. So thanks, especially to Katie.  I could not do this without you.
  6. I drive my kids home from school. I love the flexibility of owning a business…although I work super hard and put in some looong hours at times, I can usually work time in for my family. Whether it’s attending a school event, being there when my little ones get sick or taking a last minute trip with my husband, I am thankful to run a business that allows me flexibility.
  7. It keeps me going. This is not a job for the weak! Ha. I am up and at ‘em early every day and often work into the wee hours after the last guest stumbles out of the reception hall. I lift heavy things, I climb a lot of ladders, I put up, I take down. I am thankful to have great health and an inherited “can-do” attitude. Because I CAN AND WILL DO IT for you (call me!).
  8. I get to meet YOU!!! I am so, so, so thankful for all the beautiful, sweet, funny, nervous, crazy brides, grooms, MOB’s, MOG’s, and fathers I have met over the years—especially my brides. There is just something special about helping a bride plan one of the most important days of her life. I am always honored, privileged and yes, very THANKFUL to be a part of it all. I truly believe I have the best job in the world. Thank you God for making it possible.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and thanks again for visiting the Simply Devine website. I’ll be back again with some more tips and advice in December. If you have a question or suggestion, email me at

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