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We Can’t Put A Price On Happiness. No Seriously. We Can’t.

Since the day we opened our business, we have been frustrated by one thing (two if you count the fact that this place refuses to clean itself). Anyway, that one thing is our pricing. Excited brides call Simply Devine all the time asking how much it costs for us to plan their wedding. Well, it depends.


And that’s where things get frustrating.


Asking us how much it costs to plan a wedding is like asking for the price on a car without telling the dealer what model, features or mileage you want.


It’s impossible to price our services until we know more details—and honestly, you should be wary of anyone who tries. Any wedding planner worth hiring will want to know more about you and your dreams before they can give you any kind of estimate. Where and when will your wedding be held? How many people? What about the reception? Do you want us to present you with themes and decorating ideas? Do you want us to decorate and tear-down or just decorate? Will you want us to oversee the organization of your wedding day? How about flowers? How about centerpieces? How about chair covers? How about we get you a glass of wine while your head spins over all these questions?


You see what we mean. The options and the variables to your big day are endless. This is why we offer a free consultation and never charge to meet with you, talk with you or provide you with advice throughout the entire wedding planning process. At Simply Devine, we feel that open communication is key to a great relationship and it’s necessary for us to do our job well. We aren’t going to charge you to talk with us because we NEED to talk with you!


As far as that first free consultation goes, we customize our services which means it’s pretty important to put the conversation before the cost. We offer our free consultation by phone or in person and there is no obligation. We pinky swear on this. There is no obligation.


We also pinky swear on the fact that there just is no other way. We aren’t trying to trick you into meeting with us so we can woo you with our charms. We actually wish there WERE a magic formula for giving brides a price at the push of a button, but alas. We aren’t selling shoes here. The best we can do is send you some starting prices on our most popular packages and you can either tell us to eat rocks or schedule a free consultation.


We have honestly given ourselves unnecessary wrinkles trying to figure out a better solution for you, but we believe not charging for a consultation or any kind of communication is the most honest, necessary way to provide you with a price you can trust.


Thanks for understanding. We look forward to talking with you soon!




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