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We do rentals like no one does rentals.

At Simply Devine, we talk a lot about options. That’s because…well, we have a lot of options. One of our biggest advantages to being a “one-stop shop” is that we have this huge corner warehouse stocked full of wedding rental items. Everything from chairs and tables and linens and flatware and vases and lighting and benches and arbors and candles and obscure finds like canoes and whiskey barrels and ostrich feathers and a pinecone collection like you’ve never seen.


Sometimes our crazy supply gets a little out of hand, but having in-house access to all this cool stuff makes our job really fun. Especially when it’s time to get our craft on. It also comes in handy if you’d like to get YOUR craft on. We realize there are a lot of brides out there who have fun decorating and creating (I was one of them) and want to do some or all of the decorations and set-up themselves. We are totally down with that. In fact, we offer packages specifically for that. Not just packages, but OPTIONS for packages. For example:


Say you want a woodsy, bohemian theme. We can put together some original and very creative sample ideas using our rental items and then turn them all over to you with full instructions on how to set things up. You pick up your items, you put them together, you return them and guess what? You have a gorgeous wedding and save a ton of money along the way.


Now say you want a fresh, colorful, outdoor wedding but you really don’t have time to pick up all your items or bring them back. For this option, we deliver your entire rental supply with full instructions on how to set things up. You set them up, you tear them down and we come pick them up at our convenience and bring them back. Another amazing wedding, another way to save money. Check check.


Now say you want a modern, glamorous wedding and you don’t want to do anything but cry tears of joy when you walk in the room. That is our specialty, and we will take care of every single detail from start to finish, with pleasure.


Are you starting to get the picture?


In a nutshell, you can customize our rental services—and all of our services—to match your needs. No matter how much or how little you need from us, we encourage you to check us out. Where else are you going to find a rental warehouse, wedding planners, florists, decorators, rental delivery, set-up people, tear-down people, rental pick-up  and a zillion OPTIONS all under one crazy big roof?


Exactly. There is no one else quite like Simply Devine around. Give us a call and let us knock your socks off.

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