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We Do Weddings. And We Do Them Well.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned on this journey as a business owner, it’s that we can’t do it all. Trying to do it all pulls me in too many directions, stresses me out and makes me cut corners. And nothing drives me crazier than cutting corners.


So we don’t do it all. We do weddings. Weddings are my focus, so we’re able to put all our hearts into them and really take the time to enjoy each one. While we will take on the occasional prom or corporate event (and I love those, too!), I make sure I’m not trying to do a wedding at the same time. Weddings deserve special attention. Which brings me to my next point…


If you’re planning a wedding, I encourage you not to try to do it all, either. The last thing you want on the most important day of your life is loose ends, extra stress and cut corners. That’s where we come in. As a wedding planner and decorator, our ONLY job is to make your wedding day awesome. Hiring Simply Devine allows you to concentrate on your friends and family, not the table decorations and the clean-up.


Since we’re talking “doing one thing and doing it well,” I should mention that we never do anything halfway. We are a full-on, all-out kind of place. This is why Simply Devine has a massive warehouse taking up an entire corner street. We decided long ago that we wanted to control our quality, our service and our promises, so we have pretty much anything you need for your wedding right here under our roof. We don’t have to rely on someone else for chairs and table linens—we even do our own floral arranging. That is a huge advantage for us and for the couples we serve.


So. Do one thing and do it well. That’s kind of my business philosophy, and it’s helped me grow my business into something pretty special over the years. If you’d like to hear a little more, check out my new video. You’ll find it on the homepage of this website. Thanks…and we hope to hear from you soon!

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