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We Have The “Stuff” Your Dreams Are Made Of.

I’m always up for a challenge.

That’s why my massive arsenal of wedding supplies includes bird cages, whiskey barrels, chandeliers, barn doors, wooden fences, river rocks, chalkboards, palm trees and boxes and boxes of jars, candles, vases and bowls…and that’s just in one corner of my warehouse.


Don’t even get me started on my linen room.


The point is, Simply Devine has pretty much anything you can think of to pull off a really unique wedding. And if we don’t have it, we’ll find it. We go way beyond your traditional wedding planning service to provide you with everything you can imagine needing for your special day. We don’t just have a rental shop—we have a rental shop specifically geared toward weddings and large events. And when brides ask us if we do themes? Boy, do we do themes!


Our staff includes a florist and a designer, and when we put our heads together, the end result is always amazing (just check out online gallery). The best part is, we pride ourselves on being affordable and catering to any budget. Got $500 to spend? We’ll make sure you get the very best $500 can offer. We offer DIY packages as well as full-service planning and decorating packages. Truly, we are a one-of-a-kind shop that caters to the custom experience.


I’m not saying I’m superwoman here—though sometimes I even surprise myself—but if you bring me your wedding challenge, I can pretty much guarantee a solution. That’s one thing that makes my job so fun. And it’s why Simply Devine has such a loyal following.


So got a unique wedding idea, a beautiful dream theme or a crazy request for the reception? Bring it!

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