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Why We Have a Soft Spot for Dads

“Working with Simply Devine was almost too easy. All we had to do was find out what time to show up and be there.”


These are the words of Roger Chase, father of one of our beautiful brides. And they are words we truly treasure.


You see, our job at Simply Devine isn’t just to make your day amazing. Our job is also to make your day enjoyable–for you, your wedding party, your family and all of your guests. In the case of Roger Chase, his main goal for his only daughter’s wedding was to keep the women in his life happy.


“I wanted my wife Michelle and my daughter Lexy to have fun and not be stressed,” he says. “As a resident of Huron, I’ve known Rebecca for years and I knew she was right for the job. I just honestly didn’t realize how perfect everything would be. As the day grew closer, I kept waiting for the anxiety to kick in or something bad to happen. It never did. Simply Devine had a plan and they followed it seamlessly.”


Traditionally, Katie and I we work with moms and brides and a few grooms. Lexy’s wedding was no different. We really didn’t work with Roger much because he wanted his wife and daughter to enjoy the experience together—but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t involved.


“I got to hear all about it along the way, and it was great to see the excitement,” he said. “By the time the wedding day arrived, I was pretty happy with how it all came together. Simply Devine was one of the best investments I’ve ever made, and I would tell anyone not to hesitate hiring them.”


Weddings can be tough on dads—especially when we’re talking about daughters. At Simply Devine, we do everything we can to make it a little easier. Whether you’re a dad who wants to be really involved or a dad who wants to just show up and walk your baby girl down the aisle, we’re here for you.


And if you need a big hug after your daughter becomes someone’s wife, we’re here for you then, too.


Thanks for choosing Simply Devine, Roger. Lexy is a lucky girl in more ways than one!


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