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Will Social Media Click With Your Wedding Day?

You know those chalky flavored “conversation” candy hearts that come out every Valentine’s Day? I had to take a second look at the message on mine this year.

It said “friend me.”

It made me laugh. Social media is changing everything in the romance department. I guess it only makes sense that it would make its way onto those little candy hearts, too. As a wedding planner, I have really seen technology and social media change my industry over the past several years. From wedding blogs to live tweeting the ceremony to Pinterest boards full of honeymoon destinations, social media has taken on a role that ranks right up there with the best man.

Not only has social media changed the wedding, it’s changed the dating. Tons of couples these days meet through online dating services, Facebook, Instagram and “tweet-ups”. While dating, text messaging is a main form of communication and long distance relationships thrive on FaceTime. Whether you met through social media or not, now that you’re planning a wedding, it’s probably going to play a part in your big day. In fact, you may be reading this very post as a result of social media (thanks for the click).

While I definitely say “I do” to using social media as a way to celebrate your engagement and your wedding, there are some pretty serious “I don’ts” as well. As far as etiquette goes, these are the top rule breakers in my book:

*Do not post or tweet your engagement before you’ve told your family and close friends. Same advice goes for updating your status from single to engaged. Your Tupperware lady shouldn’t know you’re engaged before your dad does.


*Feel free to post pics of your engagement ring but keep pictures of your dress to yourself. Let’s try to preserve a little element of surprise here. And when you do post engagement ring photos, don’t mention the cost or the carats. Not even if you are a Kardashian.


*Keep your public posts positive. Weddings are supposed to be happy, magical events–so no online bashing of your mother-in-law during the bridal shower. If you’re smart, you won’t online bash your mother-in-law EVER.


*My final, most important words of wisdom: don’t get so carried away in updating your online presence that you actually miss the real event. There is nothing sadder than a beautiful bride viewing her entire day through the eyehole of a smart phone. Forget social media and live the moments. After all, this is your day. Not Instagrams.


Happy Valentine’s Day from Simply Devine. If you get a proposal this weekend, send me a text at 605-461-8873 for $100 off my wedding planning and decorating services. Just do it AFTER you tell your mom and dad.


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