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You’re married. Let’s keep it that way.

When you partner with Simply Devine to plan a wedding, we’re all in. It usually doesn’t take us long to fall in love with you, your groom, your parents, your wedding party, your pets…by the time the wedding rolls around, a lot of our clients feel like family. It’s hard not to form strong bonds when we’re working together on the most important day of your life.


But we’re not just in the wedding business. We’re in the marriage business. A beautiful wedding day is even more beautiful when it comes with a happily ever after. And as always, we’ve got a little advice for that.


Now before we start, please note. We’re not marriage experts or couples therapists or even your mom, but we’ve worked with hundreds (thousands?) of engaged couples over the years, and we think this qualifies us to give you a little post-wedding pep talk. After the wedding day glow fades away and he leaves underwear on the floor and forgets the dry cleaning and wants to go fishing again, it’s important to get back to the basics and remember why you fell in love him. Which brings us to the first point on our “Happily Ever After” list. Here goes:


  1. Love is for every day. Not just when he’s fun and in a good mood and fit as a triathlete, but also when he’s boring and moody and growing a beer belly. Find a reason to love each other every single day. Focus on it. Wake up with it. Don’t let it go. Ever.
  2. Let the little things go. He’s not perfect. He wasn’t perfect when you were dating and his imperfections will be even more obvious once you’re married. And guess what? So will yours. Little things aren’t worth the fight. So don’t.
  3. Be nice to each other. Wow. This one is pretty simple, isn’t it?
  4. Respect one another. Respect each other’s opinions and ideas and passions and hobbies and families and likes and dislikes. You don’t always have to agree, but mutual respect starts with listening and doing your best to understand.
  5. Touch. Kiss. Squeeze. Snuggle. And all that other stuff. As much as possible (but generally not in public).
  6. Do things together. You don’t have to be glued to the hip, but find some common interests and share that time together. It’s really, really important.
  7. Do things without each other. You each need your own life in order to make your lives more interesting together.
  8. Put down your phones and your books and your newspapers and your kids and have a conversation. Make a coffee date. Ask questions. Pretend you’re dating again.
  9. Don’t be the boss of him. Nobody likes to be told what to do all the time.
  10. Put him on a pedestal. Make him feel special. Say only good things about him. Not only will people realize how lucky you are, you’ll remember it, too.


This our Simply Devine Top 10 list for Happily Ever After. There are a lot more things you can do to preserve and grow your marriage, but it really starts with love, respect, communication, intimacy and spending quality time together. When we see engaged couples who already have this figured out, we see engaged couples who are going to make it last.


                And that’s even better than a perfect, beautiful wedding.


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